The portfolio preparation classes are specifically designed to assist students to prepare a visual portfolio for submission to enter an Art School or a similar course of studies.

It is a structured course where students develop their working abilities centred on their own visual creativity.

The course is structured in two parts over an academic term to produce a balanced portfolio and covers general drawing, life drawing, painting and a number of fun creative projects.

  • Week 1: General Drawing scale, volume and negative space
  • Week 2: Panoramic Drawing elongated format
  • Week 3: Painting in acrylics - colour reproduction
  • Week 4: Painting in acrylics - abstraction from nature
  • Week 5: Collaborative painting project exercise mix media
  • Week 6: Creative project a collage exercise and review.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should have an art portfolio showing your unique sense of drawing expressed in charcoal, pencil, ink and clay. Paintings will show their use of colour, mark making and observational skills.

Please note completion of this course does not guarantee automatic acceptance into any Art School or entry into Tertiary studies but it will enable a student to be confident about their work and equip them to undertake a degree course in the visual arts if accepted.

Who should enrol

No prior knowledge or experience required, best for those requiring a prerequisite art portfolio for submission to an Art School for tertiary studies.

Course materials

You will be required to bring a sketchbook (visual diary) as it becomes a component of your final portfolio.