Teacher: Gabrielle Quadraccia

For more than a century Italian cuisine has influenced the way of eating of the whole world, in turn, it has been influenced for centuries by ingredients and techniques from other cultures – those of the Mediterranean basin and continental Europe, and those that arrived from the Far-east, the Americas and more recently Oceania.

In this course, opportunities for conversations and presentations will be stimulated by information, anecdotes and recipes from Italian cuisine’s forgotten foreign heritage.

Grammar development will focus on verb and preposition usage. Ad-hoc targeted exercises will be provided as requested.

Course outline

Each of the 6 two hour lessons will be organised as follows:

  • Introduction of ingredients and or dishes which, whilst now traditional, owe their existence to other lands and cultures - through written, audio-visual, oral and artistic material.
  • Discussion of own impressions and experiences.  Discussion and comparison with participant’s own ingredients, dishes and preferences.
  • Vocabulary development grammar exercises as elicited by the written, aural, oral and visual material.
  • Extension/targeted exercises as elicited by participants’ requests and needs
  • Oral and/ or written presentation by participants as elicited by stimulus material.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Understand the cultures and produce that have influenced and enriched Italian cuisine.
  • Appreciate the immense contribution that foods from the New World have made to the development of Italian cuisine.
  • Express observations and formulate and express opinions in Italian with increased ease and sophistication.
  • Describe own experiences and practices in an increasingly natural, dynamic and engaging manner.B
  • Become aware, use appropriately and with increased ease the variety of verb tenses required to express and narrate past events, recent and not so recent.