For those who practice their critical and creative thinking but would like some extra insight into tools and strategies for good decision making. Especially relevant for those who have completed our Critical Thinking ABC sessions. 

Course outline

  • Argument Evaluation: Reading between the lines - Implicit Assumptions. a Conditional Reasoning as process of elimination.
  • Evaluation of Prescriptive Claims / Value Judgements: Thou shalt question everything.
  • Source evaluation: recognising spin, manipulation, conflict of interest, poor reporting

  • Most common fallacies and errors of judgement/ cognitive biases
  • Evidence-based thinking and thought experiments: What do Napoleon and Cleopatra have in common? Don’t misunderestimate the power of myths

Learning outcomes

With the help of this course, you will learn how to better use their critical thinking skills as well as unlearn some of the bad thinking habits. You will be able to identify what is really being presented in a professional context, as well as in everyday situations that require problem-solving and imaginative thinking.  This course can help enhance the general understanding of the crucial challenges of our post truth times as well as enable students to have much more enjoyment and pleasure in getting closer to the truth.