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Imagine a medieval artist, Henri Matisse and Australian artist, John Brack walked into your classroom. Knowing their worldview and the popular artistic application they use, what would they paint; why and how? Extend your artistic flare while exploring art through the perspective and understanding of someone else and broaden your appreciation for art history as a whole.

Course outline

How do artists respond to the visual world and what creative language do they use? Explore your classroom studio to find suitable motifs through the eyes of the three artists.

  • The medieval artist: Unaware of the principals of perspective, the medieval artist would arrange their picture into a shallow space. They used both vivid colour and gold leaf in a highly stylised method, describing nature and pattern.
  • Henri Matisse: Matisse's love of colour, the human figure and textiles would see him arrange a sumptuous still life of fruit, ceramic bowls and rich textiles. He would incorporate the view from the window and simplify natural forms. He would then apply 'heightened colour', where one colour was more dominate.
  • John Brack: Brack was known to ponder on an image he saw on television; a crowd in the street or a family outing in the car.

With these perspectives in mind, you will explore what motifs to use to produce a series of paintings inspired by the three artists and their creative methods.

Prior to attending class, you will be provided works of the three artists and information of their background, early work and how their work evolved.

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course you should be aware of the wide variety of artistic styles, various techniques & what is truly original & creative. You will develop your confidence not only to paint well but also make creative choices in subject matter.

Who should enrol

Students who have had some painting experience & enjoy a creative challenge.