Wed 14 Jul 2021 - Wed 08 Sep 2021

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


Discover Arabic—the official language of 23 countries and spoken by more than 280 million people worldwide.

Course outline

  • Topic 1: Quick revision of the alphabet, ta marbuta, separate and attached pronouns. A focus on the Arab countries and their capital cities, learning albisba (misr, misri) and how to form alnisba.
  • Topic 2: A focus on counting including introducing masculine and feminine numbers, asking, "how much?", structure note and vocabulary
  • Topic 3: Looking at shapes and colours including the Arabic root, plural patterns 1 and 2, the masculine and feminine of colours and vocabulary
  • Topic 4: A look at ordering and buying food including going to the grocers, names of venues and items and how to order from the menu at a restaurant
  • Topic 5: Revision of week 1-4
  • Topic 6: A focus on the past tense of verbs such as asking, "what happened yesterday?", including structure notes and vocabulary
  • Topic 7: A look at plural patterns 3&4 (kalb, kilab), continued work on numbers and a look at the weather and how to write a letter.
  • Topic 8: A focus on verbs including past negative and present negative as well as how to compare, such as comparing past and present. 
  • Topic 9: Conversation, constructing sentences using the past and present tense verbs, using possessives pronouns in a sentence, nominal and verbal sentences and putting case endings on words in a text.  

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, students should be able to communicate in a simple way with an increasing range of vocabulary and language functions.

Who should enrol

Students who have completed Beginning Arabic 1 or similar (approximately 20 hours of study).

Course materials

Mastering Arabic 1 with 2 Audio CDs: Third Edition (Arabic Edition) Paperback – February 23, 2015, by Mahmoud Gaafar (Author), Jane Wightwick (Author).  ISBN: 9780781813389

You will need to bring 2x exercise books, a pencil and an eraser.

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