The essential grammar for writers and editors course will take you beyond the ‘sounds good’ school of writing and editing to an understanding of the essential organising principles of language. Get to know your language better, not by memorising archaic ‘rules’ but by learning how language elements function. This course also offers tips on grammar and punctuation choices that produce coherent, meaningful writing.

Course outline

  • Module 1: word classes and how they function in sentences
  • Module 2: sentence elements such as subject, predicate, phrases and clauses
  • Module 3: sentence types and variety
  • Module 4: writing and punctuation tips aimed at improving clarity, conciseness and writing style

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • make sensible decisions about English usage and punctuation
  • write with variety and style
  • make better use of dictionaries and style guides
  • speak and write with confidence and influence
  • justify, or understand, editorial changes
  • identify and correctly use word classes such as nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, determiners, conjunctions
  • use correct pronoun case
  • identify and use sentence elements such as subject and predicate, phrases and clauses
  • appreciate how grammar helps in understanding, analysing and discussing sentence structures.

Who should enrol

Office workers who wish to improve their oral and written communication skills, supervisors who edit written work and need to coach their staff in writing skills, and anyone interested in the good and the bad of the language we use every day. Suitable for those doing their first writing course.

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 Essential grammar for writers and editors
18 Jun 2019
20 Aug 2019