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Thu 28 Jul 2022 - Thu 22 Sep 2022

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


Joanne Kwon

Tue 11 Oct 2022 - Tue 06 Dec 2022

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


Joanne Kwon

Korean 2 will further your grammatical knowledge and communication skills. Along with increased focus on speaking, more practical expressions will be introduced. 

Course outline

·       Week 1: Review of Korean alphabet, greetings, verb changes and basic grammar rules

·       Week 2: Daily routine with a focus on extended verbs and nouns

·       Week 3: Daily routine continue & Asking price and buying things

·       Week 4: Asking and giving directions

·       Week 5: Weekend and holiday activities with a focus on past tense

·       Week 6: Expressing desires and wishes with focus on future tense

·       Week 7: Practice conversation – talking about past, current and future activities, or plans

·       Week 8: Introducing family relationships and titles

·       Week 9: Reading and writing about the family and friends

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

  • be able to read, write, listen and speak in Korean at an elementary level
  • develop an understanding of the Korean language
  • improve your communication skills in Korean
  • have a basic understanding of the Korean culture and people.
  • Expected to learn about 220 Vocabs + numbers up to 1000


Who should enrol

Students who have completed Korean 1 or similar.


The textbook information will be provided once you’ve enrolled. Please purchase your textbook after the course is confirmed to run. 

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