Thu 14 Oct 2021 - Thu 09 Dec 2021

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


7 spots remaining.

This is an exciting course designed to open up possibilities in expressing yourself with Italians and understanding them. Using simple Italian you will learn to make choices within the situation of planning where to go in Italy, including booking and catching trains, negotiating times, booking hotels or apartments, describing restaurants and ordering local specialties - all with confidence. You will also widen your grammar skills by learning to talk about yourself using sentences and ask questions, such as what can you do if there is a problem.

Course outline

  • Topic 1: The main themes will be on telling the time in such scenarios as asking when a concert starts and understanding train timetables and getting around Italy with transport. You will also be introduced to the present tense in relation to travelling such as: to arrive, to leave, to stay, and to the modal verb "potere", meaning "can".
  • Topic 2: You will extend your time skills to asking when opening and closing times of shops, museums, and restaurants as well as incorporating the days of the week, months, and special dates such as birthdays.
  • Topic 3: The theme for this week is on asking what there is to see and do in a town and providing the same responses when asked yourself. You will be able to provide more detailed directions, especially when driving. Grammar will be focussed on nouns and articulated prepositions and you'll be introduced to interrogatives such as asking about what you have to do.
  • Topic 4: There will be a focus on booking a room in a hotel, especially when there is a problem while using modal verbs, "posso" and "devo". Work on interrogatives will also continue.
  • Topic 5: This week will be focussed on the use of "del", the word used for saying "some" in Italian as well as using the present tense and revising previous lessons.
  • Topic 6: This lesson will see you ordering in a restaurant, asking for the bill and buying and ordering for others as well as finding a good restaurant online. You will be working on the direct and indirect pronouns during this week.
  • Topic 7: You will be reading from a recipe in this week while working on the reflexive verbs "alzarsi" and "vedersi’" as well as some revision work.
  • Topic 8: This week will mainly be focussed on revision but you will also work on writing a postcard saying what you do every day while in Florence.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

  • be able to function socially in both informal and formal ways in situations such as asking for more precise directions, booking a room in a hotel, ordering according to the menu in a restaurant, trying to solve a problem, talking about immediate past events, travels, and asking Italians about their lives.
  • improved vocabulary, grammar, aural comprehensions and conversation

Who should enrol

This course is open to people who have studied Italian for at least a term, who have lived for a short while in Italy or who come from an Italian family background.

Course materials

You are asked to purchase Buongiorno Italia BBC Publications as it will be the basis of the course. It is recommended that you buy the CD that accompanies the textbook. The same text is recommended for all beginning and intermediate courses. Grammatical sheets will be given out in class.

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