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The Intermediate French Revision Course covers the lessons in Le nouveau Taxi 1 Méthode de français, the Intermediate French textbook,  and the additional material presented in the Intermediate French 1, 2 and 3 courses. It provides an opportunity to revise thoroughly the vocabulary and grammar of these courses while offering more speaking, listening, reading and writing practice based on that material and introducing other sources. It, therefore, gives students a solid grounding in preparation for the Advanced 1 and 2 and Conversational French courses.

Course Outline

The course will revise the following grammar:

  • the passé composé,
  • future and imperfect tenses,
  • reflexive verbs,
  • prepositions,
  • subject and other pronouns,
  • adjectives,
  • possessive and demonstrative adjectives,
  • the partitive article,
  • ‘en’ and ‘y’ pronouns,
  • the imperative mood,
  • the ‘il faut + infinitive’ construction,
  • direct and indirect objects (COD, COI),
  • negative constructions (ne…rien, ne …plus). 

Each grammar section will be revised through an overview of its structure and use and then practised in rehearsed and impromptu critical and creative exercises.

Each session of the course will be in two parts. The first will cover the grammar listed above, while the second part will introduce enrichment activities with a cultural focus. These may include listening to and discussing classic and modern French music, viewing and responding to a 20 Heures news segment or comparing and contrasting French traditions or expressions with Australian equivalents. All the activities will also target the four language skills.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of this course, students should have

  •  consolidated their intermediate level language skills by thoroughly revising the 3 Intermediate French courses
  •     developed the confidence to continue to advanced level to enrich their grammar, reading, writing and conversational skills
  •   deepened their knowledge of French culture and society

Who Should Enrol

This course is designed for those who are interested in revising or refreshing their intermediate level language skills before studying French at advanced level

Course Material

Le Nouveau Taxi 1, Méthode de français.