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Beginning French 3 is for those who have completed Beginning French 2 or the equivalent (approx 40 hours of study). The first part of the course revises the material covered in Beginning French 1 and 2 before introducing the past tense and additional grammar and vocabulary. Activities will also help to develop an understanding and appreciation of French culture and the Francophone world.

Course outline

The first part of the Beginning French 3 course revises the material covered in Beginning French 1 and 2 before continuing with the grammar and vocabulary in Lessons 11-18 of Le Nouveau Taxi 1, although the pace of the course and the exact number of units covered will vary according to the group. The textbook will be supplemented by audio and video material as well as by other print sources.

A prime objective of the course is to increase confidence in speaking and conversing in everyday situations as well as improving listening skills, for example, through mock interviews and writing dialogues for oral presentation. For a small cost (approx $4, not included in course fees), a guest speaker will be invited for conversational practice and cultural awareness.

The course will cover grammar, such as the past tense, the partitive article, and reflexive verbs, and vocabulary, presented in authentic situations. It also stresses the importance of correct pronunciation. Discussion of French and Francophone culture is another important part of the course. Each lesson will include short oral exercises, such as taking the train or métro, and aural exercises based on the text or on other sources such as students' oral presentations. Reading aloud of dialogues, extracts from magazines and other sources will also increase students' ability to speak French. Students work individually, in pairs and in groups. While the focus in class is on developing conversational skills, both oral and aural, and on reading, students will also have opportunities to practice their written skills in class and in exercises to be completed at home, such as describing weekend activities.

Students are encouraged to devote time out of class to revision and to learning verbs and vocabulary. At the minimum, the homework activity set each week, for example, compiling a brief visitor's guide to Canberra, should be completed as it is linked closely to each lesson's grammar and vocabulary. Students are also encouraged to explore the many resources available for French learners: on the internet, the French collection at the Woden Public Library, French music and the French program on FM radio, French films and documentaries as well as the news program 20 Heures on SBS.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • communicate with French speakers in a range of practical and social encounters, for instance, taking the train or talking about personal routines
  • speak about past events or activities. Students will also gain an appreciation of the Francophone world.

Who should enrol

Students who have completed Beginning French 2 or the equivalent (approximately 40 hours of study).

Course materials

Le nouveau Taxi 1, Méthode de Français.