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Good writers inform, guide and persuade their readers with carefully chosen words, sentences and paragraphs that deliver a clear message, win attention and produce outcomes. Clarity suffers when writers are unsure about why they are writing, what they want to say, and what they want their readers to do. This writing skills course shows you how to recognise and overcome problems that obstruct clarity and frustrate readers.

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Course outline

This course explores how to:

  • build rapport with, and win the respect of, readers
  • avoid word choices and sentence structures that cloud meaning
  • use active voice and writing style guides for your
  • keep the relationship between ideas clear
  • focus on the necessary and eliminate the unnecessary
  • punctuate for clarity.

Learning outcomes

As a result of this course, you should be able to:

  • focus on how readers might receive and act on your message
  • craft sentences readers can understand
  • identify and eliminate ambiguity
  • choose precise words over vague ones
  • eliminate unnecessary information
  • punctuate for clarity.

Who should enrol

Public and private sector writers who want to write with greater clarity and impact. Or anyone wanting to enhance their business writing skills.

What you will receive

  • Personal investment from a leading industry expert
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Full course notes and additional resources
  • A certificate of participation
  • Ability to upload course completion to your LinkedIn profile
  • Access to the CCE student portal during the course and the month following
  • Morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea