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This course is for those who have completed Beginning German 2 or similar study, this course will allow students to broaden their grammar, reading, writing and especially conversational skills. Using text and media, Intermediate German 1 will explore social and cultural aspects of German-speaking countries as well as current affairs. Each session will be devoted to certain topics such as everyday life and travel that will introduce new vocabulary, how to structure sentences and improve conversation skills.

Course outline 

  • Topics 1-2: Following an introduction and assessing students' collective knowledge and interests, revision of basic sentence structure, verbs in the present tense and general conversation skills will occur.
  • Topics 3-4: The focus will be on grocery shopping and restaurants including using numbers, money and measurements while looking at how to make plans. Modal verbs, separable verbs and revisions of dative case after verbs and propositions will be included also.
  • Topics 5-7: Travel will be the main topic including how to ask about transportation, distances and for tourist information while also providing and giving advice or recommendations. There will be a focus on talking about the past using the prefect tense 'haben oder sein' as well as working on personal pronouns.
  • Topic 8: Housing and living will be explored with a special focus on listening to and reading about where and how different people live. Through describing where people live, their homes and cooking students will learn past participles of (in)seperable verbs, perfect tense with in haben, past tense of haben and personal pronouns as well as possessive pronouns, syntax, verbs with accusative and dative objects and the comparative of the adjectives.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, students should have:

  • broadened their grammar, reading, writing and especially conversational skills.
  • discuss topics of social and cultural interest and current affairs of German-speaking countries.

Who should enrol

Those who have completed Beginning German 2 or similar study. This course is suited to those interested in learning a new language for professional, cultural or personal reasons or for maintaining already acquired or existing language skills.