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This class will be delivered online.

Immediately boost your speechwriting skills. This practical course will offer techniques, tips, examples, exercises and expert feedback on your writing that can be applied in your next speechwriting task.

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Course outline

The workshop provides a thorough exploration of how to prepare attention-grabbing speeches that blend the speaker's requirements with meaningful audience engagement to deliver influential and memorable policy messages.

  • 9am - 11am - Theory
  • 1pm- 1.30pm – Individual work
  • 1.30pm - 3pm - Presentation, feedback and final theory.

During the course, you will gain insights and experience into a range of speechwriting activities:

  • applying principles for communicating with influence to speeches
  • drafting text for full speeches and speaking notes
  • tailoring speech content, style, and language to each occasion
  • incorporating policy messages so they are influential and memorable

Learning outcomes

At the completion of this course you should be able to:

  • research, plan and draft government speeches for a range of speakers and occasions
  • draft speeches that present government policy messages influentially and memorably
  • draft full speeches and speaking notes appropriate for the speaker and occasion
  • draft speeches that blend the speaker's requirements with effective audience engagement
  • apply specific speechwriting techniques that support influential communication
  • choose speech language and content that is meaningful to the audience.

Who should enrol

Anyone wishing to take their speechwriting ability up a level or refresh their skills. You will be able to choose and be guided through a range of examples and exercises, depending on skill level and experience.

What you will receive

  • Personal investment from a leading industry expert
  • Full course notes and additional resources
  • A certificate of participation