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This micro-credential examines the complexities of Pacific labour mobility in the 21st Century. The micro-credential draws on international literature of labour migration, as well as historical and contemporary labour migration to Australia from the Pacific. The micro-credential considers views from various stakeholders such as governments, employers, workers, families and communities and provides a holistic view of labour mobility policies from Australia for the Pacific island and Timor-Leste. This will include examining bi-lateral arrangements and trade agreements in the region such as PACER Plus. It examines key policy objectives, and considers if they are met/unmet through case-study examples. Labour mobility has become a key component in our relationship within the region. However, these schemes are always evolving with new dimensions arising overtime. This micro-credential will involve discussions the debates regarding labour mobility and its role in potential development outcomes for both Australia and the Pacific region (including Timor-Leste).


  1. International Labour mobility policies
  2. Relationships between Australia and partner governments, trade agreements and bilateral arrangements
  3. How labour mobility works in practice – viewpoints of multiple stakeholders
  4. Remittances and the migration-development nexus
  5. Social and economic -Intended and unintended positive and negative consequences of labour mobility
  6. Impacts of COVID-19 and future migration pathways

Learning outcomes 

Upon successful completion, enrollees will have the knowledge and skills to: 

  1. Demonstrate knowledge in regards to why these policies exist, what their operational practices are, how they affect those who participate in them and future migration pathways
  2. Critically assess the importance and relevance of labour migration for various stakeholders
  3. Understand concepts related to the migration- development debates and how they are relevant to contemporary Pacific labour mobility programs
  4. Evaluate and communicate ideas about these new and evolving policies ensuring they maintain their internationally standings as “best practice” models

Indicative assessment

Research essay on the significance of labour mobility for Australia and the Pacific region (incl Timor-Leste) (2000 words) 60%; Links to LO: 1, 2, 3 and 4

Policy brief on an issue(1000 words) 40%; Links to LO: 1, 2, 3 and 4

Assumed knowledge 

This Micro-credential is taught at graduate level and assumes the generic skills of a Bachelors or equivalent. 

Micro-credential stack information 

 This Micro-credential is currently not part of a stack.


  • Course Code: DPA15

  • Workload: Contact hours: 12 hours, face-to-face or online (eg via Zoom). Individual study and assessment: approx. 50-60 hours.

  • ANU unit value: 3 units

  • Course Code Level: 8000

  • Contact:  ANU Department of Pacific Affairs: dpa@anu.edu.au

This Micro-credential is taught at a graduate level.  This is not an AQF qualification. 

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