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During this online course, you will learn about watercolour painting through the active application of various techniques, creating a set of artworks over 4 weeks. This course is aimed at beginners with no previous painting experience. This course is delivered completely online.

Each week you will explore different landscape themes, including landscapes, beaches, austrliana and the sea. This course will allow you to attain the skills required to paint landscapes by yourself. This course includes basic sketching and painting theory.

To enable your learning, you will receive a step-by-step PDF each week as well as other course supporting materials, outlining the techniques and process of the painting you complete, as well as teacher feedback throughout the lesson and the duration of the course. This course will have small assignments during the week however, these are optional.

Course outline

  • Week 1: In this introductory lesson, you will learn to paint a flat landscape, exploring the different components forming an essential part of landscape painting.
  • Week 2 – This week we will explore painting a snow scene, and the effects of light on snow. Our theme is: Mountains.
  • Week 3 – This week you will paint a simple coastal beach, learning to blend different colours together in an unusual way.
  • Week 4 – Paint an Australiana themed piece to finish off the course, combining all previously learned techniques.

Learning outcomes

  • Explore a variety of watercolour techniques and themes
  • Have a basic understanding of colour blending and use of materials
  • Understand painting composition in a variety of landscapes
  • Progress from lose style painting to increasing the amount of detail in the painting
  • Create 4 paintings throughout the duration of the course
  • Have the ability to paint with watercolour by yourself

Who should enrol

The course is aimed at beginners who have had some exposure to watercolour painting. Some drawing/sketching experience is preferred.

Required materials

Watercolour paints: at a minimum a standard pack of 12 colours is recommended, either liquid or dry (Monte Martre is a suitable brand for beginners). Colours should at least include: phtalo blue, cadmium red, cadmium yellow, ochre, crimson (pink), brown (burnt umber), black, sap green. It is recommended you have the following additional colours: phtalo green, burnt sienna, indigo blue, ultramarine blue, purple

Watercolour paper: A4 paper at 300gsm is recommended (with no less than 240gsm). This course involves a lot of heavy application of water -based paint, making thin pages deteriorate quickly

Masking tape: used to tape down paper


  • 1 x large, soft, round brush
  • 1 x medium, soft, round brush
  • 1 x small, round brush (soft or hard)
  • 1 x medium, flat brush (optional)

Palette: a small palette with 8-12 well will be sufficient. Alternatively, any flat surface will be sufficient

Fineliner (waterproof and non-waterproof)

Paper towel

Scrap paper

2B pencil (for sketching)

Rubber (hard or soft)


Reusable water container or plastic cup

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