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This course looks at the single shot (an unedited video clip) as one of the most powerful storytelling tools in film and video. You will be introduced to a vast amount of possibilities for filming a single shot with any video recording device, including: techniques such as tracking, panning, travelling or fluid movement. You will be encouraged to carefully consider how your decision to film affects the content and form of your video – ie. How the framing and movement of the shot might be disorientating; calming; aggressive; hesitant; etc. We will look at the application of single shot techniques in film and video art and how location, composition and quality of light are important aspects to consider when recording you video material.

We will also work with sound and record a sound track which will create a narrative structure for the image. We will experiment with the use of foley and off-screen sounds in film and consider how sound can be used in an explanatory way or to create a tension between what is seen and what is heard.

By the end of the course, you will have been introduced to a wide range of material, from film to video art and have produced a short film, exploring new and experimental techniques of filming, sound recording and post-production.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

  • know how to work with different sound and video recording technology.
  • know why the single shot is an important and powerful device in film-making.
  • be able to produce foley sounds and understand strategies for using sound to amplify the dramatic impact of an image.
  • know how to create a simple but effective story without the need for editing.
  • be able to undertake basic video post-production including colour correction and adjusting sound levels.
  • be able to export and publish their short films online.

Who should enrol

This course is open to anyone with some familiarity with video and sound recording technology and basic video editing skills.

Course materials

All material will be provided during the courses, students will need a reliable internet connection to watch films online, a video and sound recording device (could be a smart-phone) and a computer with basic video editing software.