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This micro-credential will prepare professionals who are currently working or expecting to work in Papua New Guinea (PNG). 

By learning and practising scenario-based conversations in basic Tok Pisin the participants will develop practical language skills. They will be immersed in Tok Pisin and gain knowledge of daily life in PNG by way of intensive language training, video footage of real-life situations, and group discussions based on carefully selected readings.

The skills and knowledge acquired will allow participants to respectfully navigate their interactions and relationships with Papua New Guineans and respond to situations in a culturally appropriate way.  

This micro-credential can be delivered as a bespoke offering, where we design the class outline to focus on specific topic(s) as required by the client.


  • Introductions and small talk
  • Going to the market
  • Travelling
  • Health
  • Cultural, linguistic and biological diversity of Papua New Guinea
  • People's connection with the land, spiritual world
  • Witchcraft and violence
  • Logging and mining

Learning outcomes 

Upon successful completion, enrolees will have the knowledge and skills to:

1. Communicate using simple phrases and sentences, on topics covered 

2. Demonstrate their ability to engage in Tok Pisin conversations and respond in socially appropriate ways in a variety of situations

3. Demonstrate an understanding of the culture and everyday life in Papua New Guinea in topics covered

4. Critically analyse and reflect upon the differences between Western/Australian and New Guinean culture and everyday life

Indicative assessment 

1. Language Quiz [1,2,3,4]

2. Translation Test [1,2,3,4]

3. Oral Test Recorded [1, 2, 3, 4] 

4. 700-800 word Reflection Essay in English [2,3,4]

Assumed knowledge 

This micro-credential is taught at graduate level and assumes the generic skills of a Bachelors or equivalent.

No specific prior knowledge is required for this micro-credential. However, it is assumed that enrolees have suitable general knowledge as the micro-credential is taught at a graduate level. 

Micro-credential stack information 

This micro-credential is not currently part of a stack.

Successful completion of Tok Pisin Language and Cultural Awareness can lead to specified credit for the course ASIA8091 Asia Pacific Micro-credential elective. 


Course Code: TOKP01

Workload: 39 hours 

  • Contact hours: 21 hours
  • Individual study and assessment: 18 hours

Detailed Offering Structure:

Session 1 (Optional): Meet and Greet & Brief Intro

Introduction by the facilitator Dr Darja Hoenigman to the offering and opportunity to meet other participants in the class. A quick overview of the Troodle site and learning resources also discussed. Participants will have access to these resources so they can start engaging with the reading materials and videos if they wanted.

Session 2: Synchronous Online Learning with Dr Darja Hoenigman

Tuesday 14 September: 9am-3pm

Wednesday 15 September: 9am-3pm

Thursday 16 September: 9am-3pm

Friday 17 September: 9am-4pm

Daily Homework: Approximately 2 hrs each day consisting of: 30 minutes of self-assessment exercises, 1 hour of reading a novel in English and 30 minutes of watching a film in Tok Pisin.

Final Assessment: 2 hrs for the final reflection essay

Session 3 (Optional): Post Class Discussion

Online: Zoom meeting for participants to ask Dr Darja Hoenigman questions about the offering and verbal feedback on the offering.

In-Person: For participants based in Canberra, an in-person event on ANU Campus will be organised. Details to follow.

ANU unit value: 2 units

AQF Level: 9

Contact: School of Culture, History & Language


This Micro-credential is taught at a graduate level.  This is not an AQF qualification.

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