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The Rule-of-Law Education in Asia Project (ROLEA Project) seeks to promote the instruction of rule-of-law principles in Asia. The project provides learning materials reflecting global standards on rule-of-law topics including, but not limited to, democracy, governance, human rights, environment & sustainability, corporate social responsibility, trade, & development. In addition, the project works to promote expertise in recipient students & faculty, with the mission of building capacity sufficient to generate capacity among locals to teach rule-of-law principles within their respective communities. 

The information and educational material in the project will be available to successful applicants until April 22, 2022. There are no scheduled sessions and materials are available at any time during this period for self-paced learning.


Those who believe they are eligible to access the project material should click APPLY NOW. You will be asked to provide:

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Once these details are entered you are required to answer the application questions by selecting "Begin this Task". These answers must be true and valid.

Any information provided in this process will only be used for verification purposes by the project managers. The information will NOT be shared with the public or anyone outside the ROLEA Project, and will be treated as confidential.

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