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This course is to enable students to learn how to communicate with Chinese through useful expressions, culture-specific dialogues, and paragraph texts with cultural tips (in both Chinese words and Pinyin). This is to help those students who have learnt Chinese and intend to maintain their language skills. It also helps students enhance their speaking, listening and reading skills.

Course outline

  • Topic: Taboos to avoid in presenting gifts
  • Topic: What gifts to present
  • Topic: What to say between friends, colleagues, to seniors and superiors
  • Topic: Chinese dining etiquette
  • Topic: Understanding Chinese drinking culture and hidden rules of payment
  • Topic: Regional food and expressions for proposing a toast
  • Topic: Chinese politeness for entertaining guests
  • Topic: Etiquette necessary for effective communication at dinner or banquet

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course, students should be able to use expressions, sentences and statements in different forms of presenting gifts, Chinese dining etiquette, and Chinese politeness for entertaining guests at a dinner or a banquet.

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