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This class will be delivered online.

At some point in your career, you will need to have a difficult conversation – whether it be with a staff member, your supervisor, a team member or other stakeholder. Discover the key elements to approaching and managing difficult conversations, and turn a potential negative into a positive for all involved. Learn how to create a supportive environment that encourages individuals to accept responsibility.

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Course outline

Part 1: Key principles and practical strategies: 1.5 hours webinar

  • What difficult conversations are and why it’s important to have them
  • Key tips for proactive workplace communication
  • The art of giving and receiving feedback
  • Planning and preparing for a difficult conversation
  • Holding difficult conversations remotely
  • Application of learning: workplace activity

Part 2: Putting it into practice: 1 hour webinar

  • Review of practice activity – outcomes and key learnings
  • Application of practical strategies – further discussion
  • Emotional and psychological factors at play
  • Next steps

Learning outcomes

As a result of attending this course, it is expected that participants will:

  • Appreciate the value of proactive workplace communication
  • Be more adept at giving and receiving feedback
  • Learn how to plan for, structure and hold a difficult conversation
  • Have a heightened awareness of the emotional and psychological factors at play and how to use them to positive effect
  • Feel increased confidence to apply their learning at work

What you will receive

  • Personal investment from a leading industry expert
  • Networking with other professionals
  • Full course notes and additional resources
  • A certificate of participation
  • Access to the CCE student portal during the course and the month following