This course introduces the intermediate level of Hindi listening and reading comprehension skills and spoken and written communication skills. Vocabulary skills are deepened by exploring compound noun formation in words of Sanskrit and Urdu origin in Hindi. Students will learn how Hindi speakers use a range of variant forms alongside standard Hindi in their speech and the ways in which this forms part of how Hindi speakers express identity. The skills needed to read and understand long and complex Hindi sentences are developed through reading a variety of text genres such as film and news magazine articles and a selection of modern Hindi short stories. Cultural contexts covered in the texts include topics such as, the Hindi film industry, caste and community identities, memories of India's gaining independence, and coming of age in India and the impact of change in India.   

Learning Outcomes

On satisfying the requirements of this course, students will have the knowledge at an Intermediate level of Hindi to:

  1. Speak and write confidently in Hindi, demonstrating knowledge of regional forms and compound noun formations.
  2. Read and discuss common themes in a range of text types, such as magazines, newspapers, and literature, using appropriate sentence structures.
  3. Communicate with urban and rural Hindi speakers about personal lives and world views.
  4. Demonstrate an ability to read, discuss, and analyse current affairs coverage in India.

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