Facilitating opportunities for continued practice of your Italian language skills this course will provide opportunities for you to engage in participant-led conversations.

Course outline

Participants will be encouraged in conversations on topics of interest to them, hot topics in the news and general convivial conversation.  Support will be given discreetly - responding to direct questions and with debriefings about recurrent problems.  Stimulus material  - pictures, news items, cultural events, and curious things - will be prepared for each lesson to get the conversation started.

Learning outcomes

Through free-conversation and discussion arising from stimulus material, you should –

  • Develop a natural conversational manner
  • Expand vocabulary and acquire more sophisticated and fluent expression
  • Refine own understanding of and proficiency in Italian grammar
  • Discover, appreciate and critique aspects of Italian life, current affairs, and culture

Who should enrol

This course is designed for those who have studied at least three terms of Italian or have lived in Italy for a while.