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Sometimes you just want to, "try before you buy". We get that. So here is your chance!

CCE is offering a night of FREE classes. A sampler. A tasting platter. "A taste of CCE", if you will.

And while we can't offer all of our highly regarded, amazing, wonderful, inspiring, interactive (and all the other positive describing words) courses, we know the below will provide you with a great insight to what we provide.

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So join us on Tuesday 16 July, from 6-8pm at the Fulton Muir Building, ANU. And discover what it's like to learn with CCE. Meet our passionate teachers, expand your thinking, and ask us a bunch of questions. There's no obligation to enrol afterwards, and it's completely FREE!

How do I enrol in one of the FREE courses?

That's easy! Simply peruse the list of courses below, select one of the classes, then hit the big red "BOOK NOW" button.

BONUS: If you sign-up to our e-newsletter while enrolling, and maintain your subscription until 25 October 2019, you will be in the running to win a share in $6,000 worth of travel vouchers. Full terms and conditions.

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No dates are currently scheduled.

Questions, questions, questions. At the core of philosophy, are questions. The big, abstract and difficult ones. In this taster class, discover what philosophy is and how it can expand our ethical and conceptual horizons.

No dates are currently scheduled.

Are you striving to make more leaders or just better followers? Leadership development is often perceived as an aspirational goal. But what makes a good leader and is leadership achievable for everyone?

Your leadership identity shapes how you lead as much as how you follow others. Discover how you can identify self-imposed barriers that limit your ability to lead effectively. Overcoming these barriers is possible and is at the heart of leadership development.

Explore the tools and techniques that you can develop to reach your leadership potential. Celebrating our diverse identities encourages the development of a positive leadership culture.

Leading effectively is in your hands.

No dates are currently scheduled.

The greatest minds are critical thinkers. They can home in on an argument's core structure and mix it with some imaginative problem solving. Test your ability to separate fact from fiction in this taster class set to challenge your thinking skills.

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This mouth-watering class is a fusion of Italian culture, food and language. While exploring the gastronomical delights of the Italian food scene, discover basic phrases and vocabulary. Our one piece of advice? Don't attend on an empty stomach!

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Discover the very basics of drawing in this highly interactive, hands-on and fun class. And don't feel you need any props or experience! Learn something a little different, and join us for this taster class. You may even walk away with some fancy lingo such as "negative space" and "asymmetric connections".