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Delivery Method

You have the option to participate in this micro-credential either in person at ANU Canberra, or online via Zoom. 


Dr Michael Roettger and Associate Professor Brian Houle


Please note that dates are subject to change as is mode of delivery which may shift to online / hybrid depending on the specific health directions in the ACT.

Analysing Time to Events’ is an introductory level short-form micro-credential aimed at the public service, policymakers, data analysts, and the general public interested in understanding and examining the timing and occurrence of events over time. The micro-credential sets the foundation for understanding how and why certain events do or do not occur, such as when young people leave home, length of employment, or time to first home ownership. It is widely applicable to demographic, health, social science and policy research.


  1. Foundational principles of analysing the occurrence of events
  2. Common data structures
  3. Problems with conventional methods when dealing with duration data
  4. Interpretation of duration models

Learning outcomes 

Upon successful completion, participants will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Explain the overall conceptual and analytical approach of time to event methods;
  2. Outline appropriate techniques for formatting and analysing duration data;
  3. Interpret graphical and statistical outputs based on duration models.

Indicative assessment 

Group-based problem set (LO 1-3): The problem set provides the opportunity for participants to apply the fundamentals of time to event methods and interpret graphical and statistical results. participants will work through the exercises together in a group and respond to questions based on real-world examples. The word limit for the completed problem set is 1,000 words.

Assumed knowledge 

A basic statistical background is assumed. This micro-credential is taught at graduate level and assumes the generic skills of a Bachelors or equivalent.

Micro-credential stack information 

This micro-credential is undertaken as a stand-alone offering.


C Code: DATA02

Workload: 21 hours 

  • Contact hours: 7 hours
  • Individual study and assessment: 14 hours

ANU unit value: 1 unit

AQF Level: 8

Contact: Brian Houle


This Micro-credential is taught at a graduate level.  This is not an AQF qualification.

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