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This micro-credential examines some of the legal and emotional consequences of using artificial intelligence systems in business and government. It explores emotional AI or affective computing, which is being used to develop machines that are capable of reading, interpreting, responding to, and imitating human affect.


  1. Introduction to Emotional Artificial Intelligence
  2. Emotional Artificial Intelligence and the Law
  3. Personal information and sensitive inferences
  4. New developments in AI and the implications for society

Learning outcomes 

Upon successful completion, enrollees will have the knowledge and skills to:

  1. Demonstrate an ability to understand the complex legal issues associated with the developments in Emotional Artificial Intelligence
  2. Evaluate legal and policy issues in relation to the deployment of Emotional AI in practice
  3. Critically analyse the intersections with differing policy agendas and identify the different interests underlying the moves to regulate AI, and in particular emotional AI
  4. Engage in discussions on the application of key requirements to new technologies such as emotional AI and the ongoing policy debates

Indicative assessment 

1,200 word research essay: 75%; links to Learning Outcomes 1, 2, 3

400 word-equivalent activity; 25%; links to Learning Outcomes 2, 4

Assumed knowledge 

This micro-credential is taught at graduate level and assumes the generic skills of a Bachelors or equivalent.

Micro-credential stack information 

This micro-credential may be undertaken as a stand-alone course or as part of a "stack". The three M-Cs proposed for this “Ninian Stephen Cyber and the Data Professional” stack are:

  1. Data Privacy and Confidentiality - Associate Professor Philippa Ryan
  2. Systems Integrity and Consequences of Breach - Associate Professor Will Bateman
  3. Emotional Artificial Intelligence and the Law - Dr Damian Clifford


Course Code: DATA07

Workload: 43 hours 

  • Contact hours: 9 hours
  • Individual study and assessment: 34 hours

ANU unit value: 2 units

AQF Level: 9

Contact: Dr Damian Clifford

This Micro-credential is taught at a graduate level.  This is not an AQF qualification.

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