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This micro-credential aims to develop professional knowledge of discourses and practices of indigenous research methodologies in the Pacific region. The micro-credential introduces scholarly debates on indigenous research methodologies. With a focus on the Pacific, methodologies examined and discussed in detail include Talanoa, Kaupapa Māori and Melanesian research methodologies. Other research methodologies, approaches and models from across the Pacific region are also introduced, for example the Tivaevae model from Cook Islands.


  1. The socio-political context of research in the Pacific
  2. Melanesian research methodology
  3. Talanoa
  4. Kaupapa Māori
  5. Tivaevae model from Cook Islands and other local models
  6. How indigenous models relate to Western research models and university systems

Learning outcomes 

Upon successful completion, enrollees will have the knowledge and skills to: 

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of the socio-political context of research in the Pacific, including Pacific ways of talking, indigenous research methods and appropriate research protocols
  2. Critically reflect on methodological choices and practices relevant to the Pacific context
  3. Engage in an in-depth analysis of an indigenous research methodology

Indicative assessment

Seminar attendance and participation (10%): links to LO: 1 and 2, 3

Oral presentation on one type of indigenous research methodology (40%); links to LO: 3

Paper on Pacific research methodologies (50%); links to LO: 1 and 2

Assumed knowledge 

This Micro-credential is taught at graduate level and assumes the generic skills of a Bachelors or equivalent. 

Micro-credential stack information 

 This Micro-credential is currently not part of a stack.


  • Course Code: DPA21

  • Workload: Contact hours: 12 hours, face-to-face or online (eg via Zoom). Individual study and assessment: approx. 50-60 hours.

  • ANU unit value: 3 units

  • Course Code Level: 8000

  • Contact:  ANU Department of Pacific Affairs: dpa@anu.edu.au

This Micro-credential is taught at a graduate level.  This is not an AQF qualification. 

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