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Apply flair and style with confidence as you learn to draw more accurately in this timeless and fundamental art form. Discover a range of concepts including negative space drawing and relative measure, as well as techniques using pencils, charcoal, and inks.

Course outline

  • Topic 1: General introductory exercises - learn important technical information and some frequently asked questions while moving on to negative space drawing exercises.
  • Topic 2a: Still life drawing - you will learn reverse image drawing and simple object drawing using relative measures, negative space, and asymmetric connections
  • Topic 2b: Still life drawing - you will be introduced to drawing shapes through and charcoal techniques
  • Topic 3: Drawing the landscape - the focus will be on learning and practising tonal drawing through exercises
  • Topic 4: Life drawing - you will be introduced to life drawing while focussing on negative space and relative measures
  • Topic 5: Portrait drawing - you will learn about portrait drawing including oversize drawing techniques using compressed and willow charcoal.

Learning outcomes

At the end of this course, you should:

  • understand key technical aspects of drawing including; negative space, relative measure, asymmetrical point connections, drawing size ratios, composition, and quality of line
  • understand and use thinking techniques relevant to drawing including: drawing from a specific point and relating the rest of the drawing proportionally to this point, looking for what is 'unfamiliar and distinctive' in the subject, and using this as the starting point, understanding what 'flow' is and how to get it, and using time wisely in relation to your subject and your drawing
  • have learnt to appreciate and understand key moments in art, from the 19th and 20th Cs including; famous artists and their techniques from this period and the different ideas represented by different artistic movements from this period.

Who should enrol

This course is open to anyone at any level who want to learn to draw or improve their drawing skills, particularly with regard to accuracy.