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This course is for learners who may have studied (50-60 hours) of the Arabic language and have done Arabic 1,2 & 3 previously and are familiar with Arabic basic language functions.

Course outline

 This level covers the following topics:

  • Everyday activities
  • family members
  • Inquiring about and describing people and activities.
  • Asking for directions
  • Expressing possessions with مع and using a different form of “to have ”.

Language/grammar points include:

  • Past and present tense verbs.
  • Adjectives: plural and singular
  • Future tense
  • negating sentences and activities
  • Verb root
  • Various pronunciation rules

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the course (9weeks), learners will be able to communicate in and will be able to understand, read and write phrases and small paragraphs with more understanding of the language on many everyday matters.

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