Tue 12 Oct 2021 - Tue 07 Dec 2021

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


7 spots remaining.

Be introduced to the Italian language by learning how to communicate some basic needs and wants in a travel situation and receive and respond to related information.  Grammar and is covered to provide foundation skills for further studies and independent learning.  Italian culture, traditions and current way of life will form part of the narrative in each lesson.

Course outline

Communicative goals

  • Theme 1: Greetings and introducing oneself.
  • Theme 2: Asking for food and beverages; Ordering from a menu; asking for prices.
  • Theme 3: Asking and receiving information about where to locate various places.
  • Theme 4: Buying food at the markets or at the grocer. Indicating quantities.
  • Theme 5: Shopping for clothing; expressing likes and dislikes; describing clothing
  • Theme 6: Asking the time, timetables, arrivals and departures.
  • Theme 7: Asking and receiving information with regard to sightseeing. E.g. Museums
  • Theme 8: Asking for help.  Eg. at the doctor, at the chemist.

Linguistic Goals

  • Acquiring a functional vocabulary related to the themes. Eg. Numbers, foods
  • Acquire an understanding of syntax, agreements and conjugations commensurate to the scope and length of the course.
  • Acquire the ability to reproduce authentic Italian sounds. i.e. Phonetics and diction.
  • Use model to produce own expressions  

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should be able to:

  • Greet and introduce themselves and others.
  • Articulate simple requests in everyday situations and comprehend simple information.
  • Express a range of needs, wants and preferences
  • Gain and or increase their appreciation of things Italian
  • Gain insight into Italian culture and social practices
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the foundations of Italian grammar
  • Demonstrate good intonation and clear pronunciation

Course materials

Buongiorno Italia BBC Publications (ISBN: 9780563519454) is used during the course. It is recommended that you buy the book and CD.  Extension material will be provided to support both the communicative goals and the acquisition of grammar.

Who should enrol

Total beginners and lovers of Italian. Really for anyone that loves Italian food and culture!

What our students say

"Loved it - fun and academic at the same time"

"The Italian beginners class was a great introduction to Italian language and culture. The teacher was engaging and very knowledgeable."

"The classes were well conducted, interesting, lively and a lot of fun"

"The course was intensive, interactive and fun."

"The course content was well targeted, relevant and useful, and the teaching was engaging and fun."

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