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This course offers covers a more vivid and detailed language studies experience and is for students with prior knowledge of Mandarin. You will gain insight into the Chinese culture, covering general topics, current affairs, and business. Improve your linguistic progress and understanding of grammatical rules. Writing skills will be developed in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Course outline

  • Asking about directions, rental information for flats and houses. Li zheli yuanbuyuan?
  • Transportation and travelling in China. Women zuo huoche qu ba.
  • Hobbies and sports. Ni xihuan shenme yundong?
  • Holiday plans and sightseeing. Women qu Xi’an ba.

Learning outcomes

Students should have established a long-term passion for the Chinese language, culture, and history. Students should be able to identify the nuances of Chinese people and their values and how these could positively impact on their everyday life.

Who should enrol

Those who have successfully completed Beginning Mandarin 2 or similar study. You are required to have prior knowledge of fundamental Mandarin to undertake Beginning Mandarin 3. The course is suitable for public servants, university/college students, employers and employees (with long term business partnerships with China), travellers and other Chinese language enthusiasts.

Course materials

The textbook used for this course is “Discover China” by Foreign Language Teaching and Research Press. ISBN 9780230405950.

What our students say

"Mandarin 3 was a good development course for anyone intending to visit China. By the end of Mandarin 3 it would be possible to have a basic conversation on some limited topics."

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