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Beginning Portuguese 2 is designed for those who have successfully completed Beginning Portuguese 1 or 20 hours of similar study. The course will revise some basic aspects of the language and explore some of the grammatical features of written Portuguese. Beginning Portuguese 2 will also discuss the different characteristics of the language in daily life.

Course outline

  • Topic 1: Talking about myself: physical description, who am I, what's my favourite colour
  • Topic 2: Public transportation, rent a car, travel from one city to another, timetable (shops, restaurants, museums)
  • Topic 3: "What's up?": Famous Portuguese artists, popular festivals, football match. Detailed directions
  • Topic 4: Booking or cancelling a hotel, a ticket for a concert. Portuguese handicraft
  • Topic 5: A tourist in Lisboa and Porto; Portuguese food and wine; best places to go; traditional ingredients
  • Topic 6: Review of previous lessons
  • Topic 7: Portuguese culture and literature: writers, painters, architects. Write a postcard in Portuguese
  • Topic 8: Practice Portuguese language; talk in Portuguese and review previous lessons

Grammar covered will include

  • Verbs of 2nd and 3rd conjugation (-er / -ir);
  • Regular and irregular verbs
  • Adjectives and comparison
  • Future, present continuous, past tense of verbs
  • Prepositions
  • Noun and pronouns

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Express wishes
  • Express preferences and doubts
  • Confirm bookings and reservations
  • Complain about service
  • Ask for directions/information
  • Give advice
  • Define and identify objects
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • Do comparisons
  • Express position (objects and places)
  • Describe daily activities

Course materials

The textbook recommended for this course is Passaporte para Portugues 1, Lidel Editora. ISBN 978-972-757-975-4. You should buy the CD Audio and Exercise Book that accompanies the text book. This book covers the beginning and intermediate levels. Video, exercise sheets and other resources will be provided in class.

Who should enrol

For those who have successfully completed Beginning Portuguese 1.

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