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This course is for students who have completed the Beginning Dutch 2 course, or for anyone who is already familiar with Dutch and has the equivalent (approx 40 hours of study). This course aims to further develop conversational skills for everyday situations through speaking and listening activities.

Course outline

The first part of the Dutch 3 course revises the material covered in Dutch 1 and 2 before continuing with the grammar and vocabulary 

There is more emphasis on increasing confidence in speaking and conversing, as well as improving pronunciation and listening skills. Often dialogues in authentic situations, but also using poems, cartoons, songs and short video clips are used as a starting point for conversation. Special exercises will also be used to improve reacting to questions.

This course takes you further than Complete Dutch 1 & 2, by introducing more vocabulary, sentence structure and more basic grammar patterns, including talking about the past, while covering some ways of saying things that are typically Dutch.

Students are encouraged to revise and learn the material covered in class, and prepare for conversations to be acted out in class.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should have acquired enough language to engage in conversations in various situations, including to express your opinion on a variety of topics. You should also be able to write texts and to read a whole range of straightforward texts in Dutch.

Who should enrol

Students who have completed Dutch 2 or the equivalent (approximately 40 hours of study).

When will we offer the course

We are developing this course, and hope to offer it in 2023.

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