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For those who have completed French 3 or the equivalent, this course focuses on increasing your French language skills confidence. A variety of impromptu and prepared speaking and listening exercises will be introduced including reading and writing activities based on fiction and non-fiction as well as non-print sources and online materials. Cultural aspects of France and the Francophone world will be an important focus of the course.

Course outline

Topics covered in each lesson

  • Topic 1: Revision with a bilan or checklist 
  • Topic 2: Giving and refusing permission; the different meanings of  il faut + infinitif:  Il faut partir tôt.  Il ne faut pas fumer. 
  • Topic 3: The verb pouvoir and related verbs devoir and vouloir, savoir and falloir; the verb connaître 
  • Topic 4: Talking about the future: different forms of the future tense; using si with the present and future tenses and quand with the future tense 
  • Topic 5: Telling, suggesting, or ordering people to do or not do something: imperative verb forms – Entrez,  N’entrez pas. 
  • Topic 6: Le COD : using direct object pronouns –  me, te, le, la, nous, vous, les – in the present and past: Il me voit. Il ne me voit pas.   Il m’a vu/e. Il ne m’a pas vu/e. 

Learning outcomes 

By the end of the course, you should: 

  • be able to express yourself in everyday situations, such as what you can, must or cannot do; who and what you know; talking about future plans and possibilities 
  • gain an appreciation of the Francophone world through discussing its music or aspects of popular culture such as BDs or the trendy use of English          

Who should enrol 

The course is designed for continuing students who are interested in, and enjoy, extending their understanding of French language and culture. 

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