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Intermediate Italian 1 is designed for those who have studied at least three terms of Italian or the equivalent. You will extend your language skills through activities that will develop your understanding of Italian grammar and extend your vocabulary. To enrich the course as well as to provide reinforcement and extension of the course content, a graded Italian mystery novel will be read in class and for homework. 

Course outline

  • Week 1  Capitolo 15:  Reflexive verbs in the present tense will be introduced through oral and written exercises describing daily activities. Expressions with fare and the difference between sapere and conoscere will be explained. 
  • Week 2  Capitolo 16:  Reflexive verbs will be continued and we will revise il passato prossimo, talking about your interests and leisure activities. Expressions with avere will be introduced and practised in a quiz / role play.
  • Week 3  Capitolo 17: Home, family and work will be the main topics covered together with possessive form. An oral presentation on your family and work will enhance the vocabulary and grammar studied. The pronoun ne and how to say how long something has been going on for will be introduced and practised through questions and answers.
  • Week 4  Capitolo 18: L’imperfetto, the tense used to describe what used to happen, is the focus for this lesson. Short oral exercises recounting a personal experience will extend listening to and reading about what people used to do or the way things used to be.
  • Week 5  Capitolo 18: We will continue work on l’imperfetto through an oral presentation of a childhood or youthful memory. Si, or how to say ‘‘you/one/people/they’ will also be discussed and practised through making statements or assertions.
  • Week 6  Capitolo 19: Description of a place, such as the Piazza dei Signori in Vicenza, will be an opportunity for you to describe a place of your own.
  • Week 7  Capitolo 20: The future tense will be introduced and used in talking about future plans and intentions. Saying what you would like to do and who or what you will miss will  also be covered. An oral presentation on personal or other scenarios for the future will enhance the vocabulary and grammar studied.
  • Week 8  Capitolo 20: We will revise the preceding chapters’ vocabulary and grammar through writing and presenting dialogues based on those chapters.

Mystery novel: reading and discussion of the final chapter and a fun quiz on the novel.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should

- be able to communicate with confidence in a range of practical situations

- have increased your knowledge of Italian grammar and formal and informal language

- be able to read an intermediate level text with some ease

Who should enrol

This course is open to anyone who has studied Beginning Italian 1 to 3 or the equivalent, or who has lived in Italy for a while.

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