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Together we will read the police mystery Mistero a Roma  The reading of one chapter each week will provide the context to develop further vocabulary, grammatical knowledge and idiomatic phrases, to talk about the characters and events, to conjecture about possible outcomes and at the same time learn more about the city in which the story is set.  Participants will be encouraged to speak in Italian, with support, about their travels, experiences and interests.  There will be a systematic revision of basic grammatical elements and, as always, a focus on verb conjugation.

Learning outcomes

At the end of the course you should be able to: 

  • Express opinions and ideas with increasing ease and sophistication.
  • Expand their knowledge and use of descriptive language.
  • Demonstrate increased confidence in the posing of questions and receiving answers with more sophisticated comprehension.
  • Relate stories and personal experiences in an increasingly complex language
  • Acquire confidence in correctly conjugating and using verbs in the indicative and conditional moods.
  • Participate with increased ease in conversations on a variety of topics.

Who should enrol

This course is for intermediate students (level A2 - B1)

Course materials

The book and CD is available through Bookdepository UK (Indagine a Firenze; Andrea Gerini, CIDEB)

What our students say

"I always enjoy these advanced classes, they give me plenty of stimulation and satisfaction."