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Mon 30 Jan 2023 - Mon 03 Apr 2023

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


Tue 07 Feb 2023 - Tue 04 Apr 2023

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


Be introduced to the Italian language by learning how to communicate with simple conversations in a travel and work situations while asking other personal related questions such as age and interests. Grammar is covered to provide foundation skills for further studies and independent learning. Italian culture, traditions and current way of life will form part of the narrative in each lesson.

Course outline


  • Nouns (gender and number) 
  • Adjectives (gender and number)
  • The definite article
  • The indefinite article
  • The present indicative (essere and avere)
  • The present indicative of regular verbs
  • Adjectives ending in –e
  • Relative pronoun
  • Modal verbs


Greetings, nationalities, professions, cardinal numbers, asking name and age, describing physical appearance and personality, being polite, ask for information, describe homes, asking for the time, describing hobbies and interests.


  1. Greeting and introducing yourself in formal and informal contexts including titles such as signore/a. The class will also introduce students to the pronunciation of the Italian alphabet.
  2. This week will focus on nouns and adjectives identifying the gender and number, before learning about the verb ‘essere’ using the present tense
  3. Expanding on the gender and number of nouns, this week will introduce students to the definite articles in Italian, before learning the verb ‘avere’ using the present tense to ask questions regarding age and feeling.
  4. Students will expand their knowledge of verbs to regular verbs in the present tense. The lesson will also cover the use of indefinite articles.
  5. Students will extend their use of essere using the relative pronoun ‘dove’ while learning new adjectives to describe people and their features. The lesson will include a listening and reading exercise when meeting new people.
  6. This week will introduce more irregular verbs in the present tense and applying them to describe personal interests and hobbies.
  7. Students will be introduced to the modal verbs ‘potere’, ‘volere’ and ‘dovere’ and how they are used to express meanings of obligation, permission and desires.
  8. Students also will learn how to tell and ask the time in Italian, followed by developing reading and comprehension skills to assist with travelling in Italian cities.

Who should enrol

Total beginners and lovers of Italian. Really for anyone that loves Italian food and culture!

What our students say

"Loved it - fun and academic at the same time"

"The Italian beginners class was a great introduction to Italian language and culture. The teacher was engaging and very knowledgeable."

"The classes were well conducted, interesting, lively and a lot of fun"

"The course was intensive, interactive and fun."

"The course content was well targeted, relevant and useful, and the teaching was engaging and fun."


The textbook information will be provided once you’ve enrolled. Please purchase your textbook after the course is confirmed to run.

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