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Wed 01 May 2024 - Wed 26 Jun 2024

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


Thu 17 Oct 2024 - Thu 12 Dec 2024

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


This is an exciting course designed to assist you in travelling throughout Italy. You will learn how to read schedules, describe preferences and interests, and grow your conversation skills to express yourself and locating places, objects and people. You will also widen your grammar skills by learning to talk and describe events in the past and future.

Course outline


  1. Expanding on students’ knowledge of definite articles and prepositions, you will learn about articulated prepositions and partitive articles to describe wanting ‘some’ of a particular item or action.
  2. This week you will learn how to locate objects using the article ‘ci’ combined with your knowledge of essere. Students will also learn about possessive pronouns and the relationship to the number and gender of nouns.
  3. This week will be focussed on the use of ‘grazie’ in formal and informal settings. The lesson will also incorporate learning about the seasons, months and numbers a thousand to a million. Listening and comprehension skills will include writing letters and text messages in Italian. There will be a focus on the simple past tense ‘il passato prossimo’ including the use of essere, avere and the construction of the past participle.
  4. The theme for this week will be about stating the date of certain events such as birthdays and other significant events. Students will also learn about adverbs with the past perfect tense.
  5. This lesson will see you ordering in a café, before expanding student’s knowledge of modal verbs and apply them to ‘il passato prossimo’
  6. There will be a focus on the simple future tense for regular and irregular verbs to explain upcoming events. This will include revision of the present indicative tense and compare the differences in use from the future tense. Reading and comprehension skills will learn about how Italians spend their weekends and the bar/coffee culture.  
  7. This week we will explore how to travel by train in Italy, you'll be introduced to interrogatives such as asking about information to travel.
  8. This week you will learn about the future perfect to describe completed events in the future. There will also be a focus on understanding weather forecasts and developing reading and comprehension skills regarding Christmas in Italy.
  9. Followed by a reading and comprehension activity related to new years in Italy. 


  • Articulated Prepositions
  • The Partitive Article
  • Possessive Pronouns
  • The use of C’è and ci sono
  • The past participle in the regular and irregular
  • The present perfect
  • The adverb ci
  • Adverbs with the present perfect
  • Modal verbs with the present perfect
  • Simple future of regular and irregular verbs


Furniture, information regarding schedules, expressing doubt, months and seasons, expressing possession, locating objects, expressing indefinite quantities, numbers from 2000 to 1 million, weekend activities, recount past events, ask for the date, ordering in a coffee shop, express preferences, making plans, predictions, promises, and hypotheses and to express doubts, train travel in Italy, weather forecasts, holidays in Italy

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should:

  • be able to function socially in both informal and formal ways in situations such as asking for more precise directions, booking a room in a hotel, ordering according to the menu in a restaurant, trying to solve a problem, talking about immediate past events, travels, and asking Italians about their lives.
  • improved vocabulary, grammar, aural comprehensions and conversation

Who should enrol

This course is open to people who have studied Italian for at least a term, who have lived for a short while in Italy or who come from an Italian family background.

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