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Wed 11 Oct 2023 - Wed 06 Dec 2023

18:00 - 20:00

9 Sessions


Beginning Italian 3 is designed for those who have studied at least two terms of Italian or the equivalent. You will continue to practise your conversation skills through activities that will increase your understanding of Italian grammar and increase your vocabulary. The activities will also develop your other language skills of listening, reading and writing. 

Course outline

  • Week 1  Capitolo 10: We will revise verbs in the present tense, time, and learn about key festivals in Italy. Orvieto in Umbria is the cultural focus for this and later chapters.
  • Week 2  Capitolo 11: More revision, of prices, quantities and adjectives, will be followed by irregular plurals. A memory game will practise how to say ‘cosa c’e?’
  • Week 3  Capitolo 12: Modal verbs, such as potere, dovere, volere, will be the focus for the lesson. Activities, such as going to the bank or service station, will centre on asking someone to do something for you.
  • Week 4  Capitolo 12: Modal verbs will continue as the focus with practice situations such as going shopping and asking for information. Creating dialogues based on each situation will extend the lesson’s vocabulary and grammar.
  • Week 5  Capitolo 13: How things are done or made, such as food or wine, will be explained. Direct object pronouns will be introduced, such as mi, and la. The slow food movement and typical Italian regional specialities and recipes will be discussed, including recipes for tagliatelle and tiramisu.
  • Week 6  Capitolo 14: The past tense, il passato prossimo, conjugated with avere will be introduced, with a list of irregular past participles. Listening to and reading about past events will be extended with oral exercises recounting what you did yesterday or on the weekend.
  • Week 7  Capitolo 14: The past tense, il passato prossimo, will be continued, now conjugated with essere, as well as irregular past participles. Writing an email to a friend describing a holiday or an event will practise this tense and some irregular past participles.
  • Week 8  Capitolo 14 and revision: The past tense, il passato prossimo, conjugated with essere, will be continued. We will also revise the preceding chapters’ vocabulary and grammar through writing and presenting dialogues based on those  chapters. 

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course you should:

  • be able to communicate with confidence in a range of practical situations
  • have increased your knowledge of Italian grammar and formal and informal language

Who should enrol

This course is open to anyone who has studied two terms of Italian, or who has lived in Italy for a short while.

What students say

"I highly recommend the CCE Italian courses. Both admin and teaching staff are efficient and helpful, and very friendly and attuned to students’ learning needs."

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