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Korean 3 will help you to improve your understanding of the Korean language and relevant cultural background. In addition to learning more of grammar vocabulary, we discuss current affairs in Korea and find close relations between the language and sociocultural background, such as honorifics and politeness.

Course outline

  • Topic 1: Review of basic grammar and vocabulary from Beginning Korean 1 and 2
  • Topic 2: Asking and talking about activities
  • Topic 3: Talking about your family and how to use honorifics
  • Topic 4: Asking a favour and ordering things through the telephone
  • Topic 5: Describing symptoms and receiving treatment
  • Topic 6: Describing your lost properties
  • Topic 7: Getting a refund or replacement for a purchased item
  • Topic 8: Talking about weather and seasons
  • Topic 9: Making, changing, and cancelling a reservation
  • Topic 10: Talking about your experience learning Korean

Learning outcomes

At the completion of the course, you should be able to::

  • be able to confidently read and write in Korean
  • be more interested in listening and speaking actual expressions from K-pop or K-drama
  • have sufficient expressions to talk about everyday conversation topics
  • improve their general understanding of the Korean language and culture 

Who should enrol

Students who have completed Korean 2 or similar level of study.

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