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Wed 03 Jan 2024 - Fri 12 Jan 2024

10:00 - 15:00

8 Sessions

Online (via Zoom)

Please note: It is mandatory for students to complete the diagnostic test prior to enrolling in any of the Bridging Modules.

Module 1 - designed to prepare students for MATH1003

This course is offered over 8 consecutive working days.

  • Basic set theory: definition of a set, intersection, union, complement. [One lecture]
  • Real numbers, inequalities, distance between two points, absolute value. [One lecture]
  • Equation of a straight line (slope formula, point-slope equation, slope-intercept), parallel lines, perpendicular lines. [One lecture]
  • Polynomials, long division, factoring polynomials, completing the square, finding roots.[One lecture]
  • How to solve an equation (factoring, completing the square, quadratic formula). [One lecture]
  • Complex numbers: imaginary unit, sum, difference, multiplication, conjugate, reciprocal, quotient of two complex numbers, quadratic equations. [One lecture]
  • How to solve inequalities: interval notation, properties, combined inequalities, inequality involving absolute value. [One lecture]
  • Functions and their graphs: domain,composite functions, even and odd functions, minima and maxima, piecewise defined functions, vertical and horizontal shifts, streches and compressions, reflection. [One lecture]
  • Rational functions: properties, domain of a rational function, graphs, asymptotes. [One lecture]
  • Exponential and logarithm functions. [Two lectures]
  • Trigonometric functions and trigonometric identities. [Two lectures]
  • Polar coordinates, polar equations and graphs, converting from rectangular to polar and from polar to rectangular. [One lecture]
  • Vectors: direction and magnitude, position vector, addition and subtraction, unit vector, dot prduct, cross product. [One lecture]
  • Binomial Theorem. Counting and probability: counting formula, permutations and combinations, compound probabilities. [Two lectures]
  • Basic calculus: finding limits, one-sided limits, continuous functions. [One lecture]
  • Basic calculus: Derivative of a function: product, quotient, chain rule. [One lecture]
  • Basic calculus: Anti-differentiation, definite integral, area under a curve. [One lecture]