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This course invites you to discover the language and culture of Portugal. Every session will bring you an amazing experience of knowledge and skills. Start a friendship with the other side of the world. You will not regret it!

Course outline

  • Topic 1: This session gives you the opportunity to learn about Portugal and some features of its culture. You will be introduced to pronunciation, compliments, greetings, and self-presentation.
  • Topic 2: Learn about the Portuguese influence throughout the world. Be introduced to nouns, definite and indefinite articles and numbers 1 to 10.
  • Topic 3: Learn how to describe people.”How do I look like?” Be introduced to present tense of verbs “to be” (“ser”/ “estar”).
  • Topic 4: Learn about famous Portuguese people. Learn to ask “Where are you from?” and “What’s your nationality?” Be introduced to the plural of usual nouns, days of the week and numbers 11 to 20.
  • Topic 5: This session learn about popular Portuguese festivals. Learn to ask about common interests: “what do you do in your spare time?”. Be introduced to regular verbs.
  • Topic 6: Be a tourist in Lisboa (Lisbon) and Porto (Oporto). Learn to ask for directions, how to book a hotel and how to use public transport. Be introduced to numbers 51 to 100.
  • Topic 7: Learn about Portuguese objects. Become familiar with shopping and small talk. Talk about your favourite things. Be introduced to negative sentences, adjectives, colours, and numbers 21 to 50.
  • Topic 8: In this last session you have the opportunity to review previous lessons.

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • Speak everyday Portuguese
  • Ask for information and directions.
  • Ask simple questions and give short answers.
  • Read and understand simple sentences.
  • Speak basic Portuguese sentences with confidence.
  • Recognize grammatical terms.

What our students say

"The teacher clearly enjoyed introducing her language to us and enhanced the classes with videos and film clips of sights and scenes of Portugal."

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