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Portuguese 2 is designed for those who have successfully completed Portuguese 1 or 20 hours of similar study. The course will revise some basic aspects of the language and explore some of the grammatical features of written Portuguese. Portuguese 2 will also discuss the different characteristics of the language in daily life.

Course outline

  • Topic 1: Talking about myself: physical description, who am I, what's my favourite colour
  • Topic 2: Public transportation, rent a car, travel from one city to another, timetable (shops, restaurants, museums)
  • Topic 3: "What's up?": Famous Portuguese artists, popular festivals, football match. Detailed directions
  • Topic 4: Booking or cancelling a hotel, a ticket for a concert. Portuguese handicraft
  • Topic 5: A tourist in Lisboa and Porto; Portuguese food and wine; best places to go; traditional ingredients
  • Topic 6: Review of previous lessons
  • Topic 7: Portuguese culture and literature: writers, painters, architects. Write a postcard in Portuguese
  • Topic 8: Practice Portuguese language; talk in Portuguese and review previous lessons

Grammar covered will include

  • Verbs of 2nd and 3rd conjugation (-er / -ir);
  • Regular and irregular verbs
  • Adjectives and comparison
  • Future, present continuous, past tense of verbs
  • Prepositions
  • Noun and pronouns

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Express wishes
  • Express preferences and doubts
  • Confirm bookings and reservations
  • Complain about service
  • Ask for directions/information
  • Give advice
  • Define and identify objects
  • Express likes and dislikes
  • Do comparisons
  • Express position (objects and places)
  • Describe daily activities

Who should enrol

For those who have successfully completed Portuguese 1.

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