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Wed 02 Feb 2022 - Wed 16 Mar 2022

18:00 - 20:00

6 Sessions


From its origins, in 14th century Italy, the Renaissance produced a revolution in art, society, culture and philosophy, bringing an end to the middle ages. Explore this exciting period in world history, as you delve into major Italian cities: Florence, and Venice; and consider how has today's Western society, culture and sense of humanity been shaped by the Renaissance?

Course outline

The course  will focus on the Renaissance in Italy, specifically around Florence, central Tuscany, Venice, and the other major Italian City states. It will explore the spread of the Renaissance throughout the rest of Europe, and the role of artists and thinkers in the development of Renaissance art and art history. The course finishes by considering how the Renaissance shaped the rest of European history, and our current sense of humanity, culture, society, and civilisation.

  • Session 1 - The Renaissance -1300-1600
  • Session 2 - The Renaissance - art and society
  • Session 3 - The Renaissance in Italy
  • Session 4 - The Renaissance in Europe
  • Session 5 - The Renaissance artists
  • Session 6 - The Renaissance and history

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course you should:

  • have knowledge of the history and social history of the Renaissance
  • have knowledge of several important artists and art movements which created the Renaissance, between 1300 and 1600
  • be able to engage with, and critique the development of the Renaissance, through the 1300s, the 1400s, and the 1500s, from the perspective of both social and art history.
  • understand the wider social issues and developments that created the Renaissance in Italy, and the rest of Europe.
  • be able to critically appreciate how the Renaissance has shaped history, and how history has shaped our perception of the Renaissance.

Who should enrol

The course is open to everyone, especially those interested in learning about the history of the Renaissance, art, and general art history.

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