Our breakfast series seek to provide an opportunity for networking through a collaborative learning environment. Delivered in a concentrated format, these sessions are perfect for the busy professional seeking to build on their existing career skills and knowledge in a practical way.

If you are interested in the topic of leadership, are seeking to build leadership capacity in yourself and your organisation, then this is an ideal starting point. This session is for aspiring leaders, those in leadership positions, and for teams seeking to create more meaning in their work.

Dr Robert Styles

Over the last decade a multidisciplinary approach to capacity building and realising real-world change has been developed at ANU. At a systems level, this work comprises three structured and facilitated dialogues designed have leaders with their teams reflect on what is important personally and professionally and how they can more effectively move towards what is valued in the long-run. Those involved are introduced to a suite of simple, yet powerful, tools for cultivating a high-performing mind and taking choices for action toward things that fundamentally matter. Action learning is employed to reinforce and embed desired change operationally. The aim is for intentional and positive change within their life, close relationships, their work with others, and their future.

In each instance, it has been the extent to which those involved have cultivated a high-performing mind that has mattered the most. With a high-performing mind, you more consistently allocate the scarce resource of attention to what is most important and achieve results through people – the key assets for productivity enhancement and successful change transformation. This occasions the metacognition and mature perspective-taking required to recognise and act toward what is intrinsically and socially important by employing a more flexible and morally determined repertoire of chosen responses to challenging and difficult situations. Such personal responsiveness has been shown to significantly enhance work engagement, communication, stress management, learning and information processing, emotional intelligence, executive functioning, cognitive style, and physical and mental wellbeing.

At this breakfast meeting, we will consider this vital characteristic as it pertains to you.

To read more about the multidisciplinary approach please refer to the attached file which provides a brief overview of the processes involved.


This breakfast discussion will be led by the behavioural psychologist Dr Robert Styles, an ANU PhD whose training strategies draw from the latest, empirically-validated and evidence-based research advances in contextual behavioural science.

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  Leadership breakfast series: Cultivating a high-performing mind & excellence in self-directed leadership
24 Oct 2018