Welcome 2021!

As we kick off 2021, I hear people around me talking new years resolutions. While I personally am not the biggest fan of these things I do like to take the time to reflect on the year that was and what I want out of the next 12 months. I like to think of it more as goal setting, rather than a resolution. At CCE we like to set SMART goals, that focus on the achievable, and contribute to our personal improvement. While we balance both personal and professional goals it is great to see people so positive during this challenging time.

To encourage everyone to take a breath and think about the year to come we asked a few of our colleagues about their goals and resolutions. What's your goal for 2021?

While 2020 presented CCE with a host of challenges, we also had the opportunity to make some positive changes. You can read all about CCE's 2020 in our Wrap Up Post.

Term 1 2021

To help with some of your goals and resolutions we have a few new courses for 2021.

Watercolour for beginners: landscapes

Learn about watercolour painting through the active application of various techniques, creating a set of artworks over 8 weeks. Each week you will explore different landscape themes, such as mountains, forests and beaches, in different styles and perspectives. The styles explored will reflect famous painters from around the world and you will complete a painting during each lesson in a similar style.

Australian Women's Suffrage in Fiction

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the women who fought to win the right to vote in Australia. Contemporary non-fiction writers have reconstructed the lives of suffragists like Vida Goldstein and others who left Australia to fight for the rights of women abroad from the historical record. But how did fiction writers at the time contend with the question of votes for women? How did they represent the campaign for women’s voting rights in imaginative writing? And how did they imagine the enfranchised woman herself?

Online job applications

Are you up to date on the online job market? What should you expect when the "new-world" job interview is going to be entirely ‘online’ due to Covid-19? How does one handle the situation confidently and professionally? We will be looking at how to find jobs online and then apply for them. We will discuss how the interview situation has changed through being online. And, you will build confidence in your abilities when asked, for example, to present a PowerPoint slideshow in an online meeting using the software Zoom.

Cross-cultural communication

Gain a deeper perspective about culture and cultural boundaries. You will develop greater awareness about values, beliefs and attitudes that underpin key elements of all cultures and the communication structures within. This course will prepare you to communicate effectively across cultural boundaries with colleagues and clients in the workplace, as well as among friends and family.

Those not hitting the high notes? Then perhaps there is something in our language program, creative arts, or history & the arts. While (for now) we remain 100% online, our students still have great things to say about our courses.

We wish you a happy and healthy new year, and challenge you to achieve your goals in 2021.