2020 has been a roller coaster of ups and downs, but The Centre for Continuing Education (CCE) has come out the other side stronger and more determined. We'd like to take a step back and reflect on the wild ride that was 2020.

Firstly, we would like to thank all the amazing and passionate teachers at CCE, we would certainly be lost without such a devoted group of educators. It is clear from the feedback we see through evaluation surveys that it is your energy and commitment to teaching that keeps students engaged and learning. Term 1 saw many of our teachers having to rapidly adapt to the online environment and as we reflect on the year and progress to 2021, so many of our teachers have come so far. Teachers have learnt new skills, adapted, refined teaching methods and stoutly risen to the occasion.

So to each and every teacher that makes CCE a great place to learn and work, we say a heart-felt


2020 - The Year that was

While we are on the topic of 2020, we'd just like to highlight some of the achievements of the year. This year has been very different than our previous years of operation - and not just due to a global pandemic. 

We have:

  • Implemented a new Learning Management System (LMS) - Moodle
  • Made significant improvements to the enrolment system
  • Continued to provide high-quality community courses 
  • Added new talented members to the team

2020 by numbers

CCE Moving Forward

New look CCE, and new opportunities in 2021.

Next year will see CCE devoting our time, energy and resources to the major priorities of expanding an already diverse and engaging portfolio of community courses whilst making a significant contribution to the successful implementation of ANU's highly anticipated micro-credential offerings.

CCE is planning to bring a few courses back to the classroom which will see some much-missed face to face learning energy make a long-awaited return. Whilst we are excited by this, there is also a strong desire to keep building capacity in the online space, which will see CCE delivering courses in multiple modes and possibly even "hybrid" versions, where the best of both worlds come together. We will also welcome some new teachers and courses to the CCE family and are excited about making a robust return to delivering community education to Canberra and beyond.

It is fair to say that 2021 is already being embraced as we (like most) are in a hurry to kick 2020 into the dark archives of "annus horribilis". 

Our final Staff meeting was held last week, and we thank all staff who attended. It gave us an opportunity to reflect on the year share some rare face to face time and celebrate some great achievements. Congratulations to our award-winning teachers.

Congratulations Ruri UedaChloe Kim Eleanor BodyMelde van IngelgomXueqing ZhongBrad TuckerWalter KudryczAnastassia Terziman and Celia Hodgson

To everyone in the community we wish you a happy holidays and a wonderful New Year.


The CCE Team