The principle of academic integrity is that when we write and incorporate the research of others into our own work, we must appropriately acknowledge our intellectual sources. 

Key points 

  • Acting with academic integrity is an essential requirement at ANU. 
  • Referencing is crucial to academic writing. 
  • Acknowledging others in your work will strengthen it. 

Ethical and honest scholarly practice demands that you appropriately acknowledge the sources that you base your work on. These include other people's ideas and words, figures, graphs, data and so on. Academic work involves critically engaging with the work of others. Without references, it would be impossible to determine your critical perspective and hence the originality of your work. Referencing requirements vary by discipline: make sure to clarify these with your academic convenor prior to submitting assessment. 

ANU requirements 

The University uses the Academic Misconduct Rule which outlines rules that apply to academic integrity during your studies here, including the actions involved if the rules are breached. If you have any queries about academic misconduct relevant to field of study, please raise this with your micro-credential convenor prior to submission of assessment. 

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