The Research School of Humanities & the Arts (RSHA) is a part of the ANU College of Arts & Social Sciences (CASS). Its primary focus is on building on its established strengths in research and education across the humanities and the creative arts.

It places a strong emphasis on traditional humanities scholarship and on encouraging interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and practice-led research. The Research School also places a premium on contributing to public culture and ensuring the humanities takes its place at the centre of civil society. Researchers from CASS play a significant role in the area of public policy and in working collaboratively with national cultural institutions. The RSHA encourages innovation in the use of digital technology in research and education and in making research results available to the public.

What is auditing?

Audit students may not sit formal examinations. An Audit enrolment guarantees admission only to lectures. Attendance at lectures will under no circumstances be accepted as credit towards a degree program. Auditors may seek permission from the faculty to attend tutorials (subject to space being available), additional fees may apply.

The Centre for Continuing Education offers access to approved ANU courses for people who want to listen in to lectures without actually enrolling as a degree student. Auditors (listeners) do not generally require any special qualifications except for those courses where prerequisites are necessary - this can be ascertained by consulting the ANU website.

Auditing or "listening in" offers access to some ANU courses (lectures only).