The continuing education program offers special interest and educational courses with a difference focusing on art, archaeology, culture, history, science, literature and writing, music and life skills.

Thu 09 May 2019 - Thu 27 Jun 2019

18:00 - 20:00

8 Sessions
30 spots remaining.

Teacher: Roy Forward

This is for all who think modern art ugly, or pointless, or just plain difficult. It is also for those who relish looking at and debating the merits or otherwise of recent developments in art around the world relating to design, gender, the environment, religion, digitisation and all the rest. If you want an intellectual feast in stimulating company, look no further!

Course outline

  1. Aesthetic art versus ugly art        
  2. Art into decoration
  3. The disappearing art object
  4. Postmodernism
  5. Digital art  
  6.  Art about inclusiveness
  7. Identity art
  8. Art and the environment

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Teacher: Roy Forward

Ever puzzled over what a work of art is saying? Together we will analyse the best paintings from the past and present to arrive at a fresh understanding of visual language. Guaranteed to elevate your enjoyment of the art hanging on your walls, and to whet your appetite for cultural travel.

Course outline

  • Topic 1: The Language of Line
  • Topic 2: The Language of Tone 
  • Topic 3: The Language of Colour
  • Topic 4: The Language of Space
  • Topic 5: The Language of Texture
  • Topic 6: The Language of Intentions
  • Topic 7: The Language of Context
  • Topic 8: The Language of Illusions

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you should have an understanding of the techniques that artists use to communicate their message.

Who should enrol

Anyone with a passion to learn more about art.

Course materials

All materials for the class will be provided.