This course covers the main features of grammar, parts of speech, phrases, clauses and sentences, focusing on their practical application in speech and writing. Spelling, punctuation and usage are also covered.

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Take your English skills to the next level with this interactive and practical course. We will work towards improving your reading and writing skills through interactive online learning, weekly writing exercises, and personalised feedback. In this course, you will use your own examples and contexts so that you can connect what you learn in class to what you do outside class - at work, university, or in your friend group!

Course outline

Part 1: Correspondence

  • Characteristics of formal and informal emails
  • Common email structures
  • Linking sentences, salutations and closings
  • Email to a friend (choose your own context)
  • Formal email (choose your own context)

Part 2: Informative and argumentative texts

  • Characteristics of informative and argumentative texts
  • Common text structures
  • Linking words and sentences
  • Balanced opinion text (choose your own context)
  • Process/ methodology description (choose your own context)

End-of-course feedback

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you should be able to:

  • Read emails from friends, peers, and colleagues with more ease
  • Compose effective emails for various purposes
  • Employ reading techniques to identify key information in complex texts
  • Produce coherent informative and argumentative texts
  • Express yourself with more grammatical accuracy
  • Apply a wider range of vocabulary in your writing
  • Gain skills that will help you edit your and other people’s texts

Who should enrol

This course is recommended for (upper-) intermediate students of English who wish to further develop their English communication skills. The primary focus of this course will be written communication.

Prior to the start of the course, you will be asked to submit a few text samples. These will help us cater the course to your specific needs..