This course covers the main features of grammar, parts of speech, phrases, clauses and sentences, focusing on their practical application in speech and writing. Spelling, punctuation and usage are also covered.

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Teacher: Melde Van Ingelgom

Take your English skills to the next level with this interactive and practical course. We will work towards improving your fluency and accuracy through discussions, role-plays and small group work. The course will use real-life examples and contexts so that you can connect what you learn in class to what you do outside class - at work, university, or in your friend group!

Course outline

In this course, you will:

  • make small talk in informal and formal settings (grammar point: revision of continuous tenses). Example:  Long time no see. / Tell me about it! / I have just started working on a new project.
  • talk about changes in society (grammar point: revision of perfect tenses). Example:  We have become more urbanised. / We live in an increasingly multicultural society. / Climate change has become a real threat.
  • discuss and compare options (vocabulary point: expressing opinions). Example: If you ask me ... / On the one hand, ... but on the other hand ... / What are your views on this matter? 
  • give advice (grammar point: revision of modal verbs and conditionals). You may need to ... / One thing you could do is .... / If I were in your place, I would ....

This course will run at a venue on ANU Campus from Mon 17 Feb until Mon 30 Mar (6-8pm). Note that no class will be held on 9 Mar 2020.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this course, you will have:

  • enriched your vocabulary range
  • enhanced your grammatical accuracy
  • improved your fluency in oral communication 

Who should enrol

This course is recommended for (upper)intermediate students of English who wish to further develop their English communication skills. The primary focus of this course will be oral communication.

Prior to entry to this course, you will be asked to submit a short piece of writing for level assessment and error analysis purposes.


Melde holds a Master’s degree (Hons.) in Linguistics and Literature: English & Spanish. She is a passionate English as a Second Language educator, with extensive experience in teaching academics and professionals. Having taught learners of various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, she has developed a strong interest in intercultural learning. Her other professional interests lie in second-language acquisition and technology-enhanced learning. In her free time, Melde enjoys popular science podcasts, dystopian literature, and crafts.